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Mentorship Program

Be the Mentor you Wish you Had – or – Find the Mentor you Have Been Looking For!

Don’t you wish you had a mentor in dental school? Not just a demo who you could ask how to pass an exam or how to perfect your Class II prep, but someone who you could ask REAL questions to, who “got” you?

Women have long been told that “dentistry is a great job for a woman”. While that may be true, women still have many unique challenges while navigating this profession. Am I going to own my own practice, or associate? Will my team (usually predominantly female) respect me in the same way they would a male dentist? When is the right time to start a family, while I am trying to start my own practice? How can I manage being a practice owner and balancing a family? How many days a week should I work? And the list goes on.

There is a need for female mentorship in dentistry, and Women in Dentistry:Work.Life.Balance has developed a unique mentorship program spearheaded by Dr. Tracey Hendler. We pair mentors with mentees so that current dental students as well as newly graduated dentists will have a mentor to help them navigate their career. YOU are in a unique position to help shape the future of a young female in your field. Don’t miss out!

This program has no geographic borders.

How do I Join?

What would I mentor them about?

  1. Work life balance - this is a big one, and the most asked question! We are sure that many of you have invaluable pearls to share on how you “balance it all”
  2. Transition from dental school to private practice, including how to find a job
  3. How to run a practice
  4. How to assemble and manage a dental team
  5. Wanting to shadow in a practice
  6. General mentorship, and having someone to “go to” with small questions
  7. Clinical practice and how to find continuing education

How the program works

Volunteer mentors and mentees will be paired up according to location and area of interest. We will do our best to find the best match for you! The program can be as involved as the mentor and mentee want it to be. There is no set time commitment, you can establish what works for you both!

Mentorship Program Spearheaded by Dr. Tracey Hendler


Dr. Tracey Hendler

BA, DDS, MsD, Cert. Ortho, FRCDC, Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontists

Dr. Tracey Hendler was born in Toronto and practices at the orthodontic practice (Forest Hill Orthodontics) where she received treatment at the age of 12. Tracey completed her DDS degree at the University of Toronto and then fulfilled her dream of living in New York City while completing her orthodontics degree at Rutgers University.

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My mentorship experience has shaped me so much in my career and as a person. My mentor encouraged me to specialize and gave me the confidence I needed to apply. She has become an important role model in my life - while juggling surgical residency and raising a baby. I feel so empowered and so grateful to be a part of this incredible mentorship program!

Suraya Dhalla

The Women in Dentistry mentorship program really is a special one. I was matched with my remarkable mentor, Laura, and from our first meeting I knew that we had a special bond. She has provided me with so much insight, wisdom, encouragement, and LOVE, and I have never felt so supported in both my professional and personal life. My third year of dental school was a fun yet tough one, and I am so grateful to have had Laura to share my wins and struggles with. Both Laura and WID have taught me how special mentorship can be, and have inspired me to contribute back to my community through mentorship!

Amy Chen

It has been a wonderful and rewarding experience to be part of the Women in Dentistry motorship program. My mentees are brilliant and during our discussions I love hearing their passion and excitement for their dental careers. I am overwhelmed by their resilience and dedication to learning during these times. I have spent time virtually with a recent graduate and her thoughtful questions and hard work are inspiring. I look forward to growing with our relationship for years to come!

Dr. Julie Paris

From the moment Amy and I were paired in the Women in Dentistry Mentorship Program, our connection was instant. I am thrilled to see Amy's unwavering enthusiasm for learning, her commitment to excellence, and her genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others. I vividly remember my journey in dentistry and the challenges and excitement it entailed. It brings me immense joy to share with Amy the insights and lessons that have molded me both personally and professionally. I am in awe of her curiosity, resilience in the face of challenges, and ability to be flexible and adapt while upholding her strengths and values. Being a mentor has enriched my life and allowed me to form a lifelong friendship with a talented young dentist. I am grateful to the Women in Dentistry Mentorship Program and plan to continue participating for as long as possible. Thank you, Women in Dentistry, for this amazing opportunity!

Dr. Laura Schwindt


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